Ok Scarface so you want to become a drug dealer, people become drug dealers for loads of different reasons, money, power, woman but before you get too ahead of yourself there is a lot more to it than you think to become a successful drug dealer but do not worry by the end of this we will have turned you from a Uni student studying media to Al Capone.

1. Build up a database of ‘clients’


In the beginning you will have no clients to sell your drugs to, and I would strongly not recommend just going up to people asking if they want drugs, that would be stupid as f*ck. Start off with a few close friends and sell to them, once you have a foundation then spread out to their friends, eventually you will build up a strong client base and will make life a lot easier but pick and choose who you sell to.

2. Do not get high on your own supply



This is a classic but unfortunately not many people listen to it, learn from the mistakes of Scarface if you spend all day getting high, then you are not selling visive not making money! Also it is really hard to sell drugs when you do not have any.

3. Befriend influential people



This will make life a lot easier for you as when you get in trouble they will be able to help you out and as well if you have their support it makes you a reliable source of drugs and have instant distribution for your product.

4. Keep spending to a minimum



You are not in a jay z music video so when the money does start to come in do not begin to spend loads of money on expensive items this puts you on the radar and people will ask questions trust me also when you start spending your current customers will think you have become pretentious so be careful what you buy.

So there you have it some great tips on how to become a drug dealer, so you will have your own empire and a tiger or a cell mate called Steve who calls you daisy if you know what I mean.

Happy selling!