How do I find my way around campus?

Where is the uni bar?

Why the f*ck are 8am lectures allowed?

Do I really need the ‘necessary’ text books?

I have no idea what my lecturer is talking about

I need sleep

That mature student is like really old!

When is the net student night?

Oh no there is someone I went to high school with avoid!

My essay is due on the 5th? Better start it on the evening of the 4th

What am I going to even do with my degree?

No you cow I will bring my coffee into the library!

I cannot tell if binge drinking is encouraged or discouraged by the university

Reading is for losers

Will eating out of date chicken really kill me?

Will it matter if I miss a few lectures?

Mondays should be banned

How can they charge £85 a text book?

I am actually smarter when I am drunk!

My student flat is actually starting to smell

This month I have to choose between Netflix and food

There should be no such thing as a compulsory lecture

Is McDonalds meals this week too many?

I hate referencing

Why can’t I use Wikipedia as a reference?

I’m acatually going to study this weekend

Lol jokes lets be real, I won’t

*Writes essay title* ok I think I deserve a break

My diet is appalling at the moment

I have so much tv to catch up on

I cannot stand the guy who keeps talking about his gap year!

This costs me how much a year!!

I will never have a job

Let me check Facebook

How do I reference again?


Feel free to add any of your own in the comments