This is the real hot button topic in the UK, it gets called many different things depending where you come from, but the real question is who is right?

1.West Yorkshire – Teacake

scoutingg for trout - roll

No not the chocolate marshmallow thing, this is what people in West Yorkshire call it, no one knows where it comes from, we can just assume they love tea! So why wouldn’t they call it a teacake?

2.East Midlands – Cob

scoutingg for trout - roll

This is dangerously close to the word knob, which would cause some confusion if you were in Gregs and someone misheard you!

3.North West – Barm cake

scoutingg for trout - roll

I have no clue what this means or where it comes from but it is a pretty weird thing to call it? When I think of cake I imagine birthday cake…and strippers jumping out of it… you cannot do it with a barm cake.

4.Wales – Bara

scoutingg for trout - roll

This sounds like a foreign footballer who has just been signed to Manchester United; do they really call it that in Wales? Although I’m surprised that with the amount of sheep shaggers they have that they didn’t call it a Baaaraaaa (Get it?)

5.England/Wales – Bap

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I have heard people call it a bap, I am not convinced they are right though; a bap sounds like a sound effect from a Batman comic strip, next we’ll have pow, wallop, and bang as well.

6.Aberdeen – Softie

scoutingg for trout - roll

A bit of Trout called me softie in the bedroom once so this brings up bad memories.

7.Oldham – Muffin

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A muffin is a cake you pay £6 for in costa this is far from it so I have no clue why it is called that in Oldham, it is something you have with your beacon in the morning this is not British bake off!

8.Scotland – Roll

scoutingg for trout - roll

I think the Scottish just got lazy with this, to be honest I am surprised they even eat these! It is not deep fried or drenched in booze.

9.Yorkshire – Stotty

scoutingg for trout - roll

I think that was the name of my ex-girlfriends mum? It is hard to believe that even in Yorkshire they have a crazy word for this!


10.Lancashire – Oven Bottom

scoutingg for trout - roll

Not exactly a sexy way to describe it, could almost pass as an insult! Nothing sounds tastier than taking a good bite in to a fresh oven bottom 😉

11.Yorkshire – Scuffler

scoutingg for trout - roll

I thought a scuffler was a drug addict? Apparently not! Yorkshire seem to be pretty adventurous with their names for this, I mean come on how many names do you need for one thing?


So there you have it the great bread debate who do you think is right, what you call it?

We actually call it…….