1.The flat mate who parties all the time

animal scouting for trout

When you move into your halls/flat in university it is inevitable that you get a flat mate who loves the non-stop party life. Now we all love to party especially when there is a bit of trout, however, the regular 3am wake up calls on a Tuesday will eventually piss you off, not to mention regularly cleaning the kitchen sink from red bull and vodka infused sick.

2. The one who has sex all the time

bed scouting for trout

Waking up to the sound of your flat mate next door shagging the arse off some trout he has brought back will be a harsh reality with this flatmate. There is always an endless line of trout leaving his room and the dirty bastard will never clean his sheets. With this flatmate I would suggest getting them a separate bin as the communal one will be filled with used condoms and trout juice.

3. The flat mate who is passive aggressive

post scouting for trout

A classic quality of this flatmate is constantly leaving you written post its with abuse of things you have not done. If you have a fucking problem love just say it to my face! They will do everything to avoid confrontation, but at the same time they act like dicks by not properly addressing the problem, and usually they complain at every little thing.

4. The messy flat mate

messy scouting for trout

It’s safe to say no one is perfect, however, the messy flat mate is the worst person to live with. It’s not just not doing their dishes, it’s the half eaten big mac meals left in the fridge with the half eaten donna, the dog shit smeared trainers at the front door and shit stained pants in the hallway. This guy can make your life a misery and make the house a complete cock block when bring back trout.

5. The clean freak

clean scouting for trout

This is the polar opposite to the messy one, it may seem like a good idea to have an OCD neat freak, but eventually it will get on your tits when you have to be constantly hovering and febreezing the sofa.

6. The Stoner

dr scouting for trout

This flatmate seems like he will be okay, but after a few weeks the smell of cannabis starts to come from his room and then you know you are living with a stoner. This can have a negative effect as he will steal your food when he gets the munchies, but on the plus side he is always good to bring to a party as he will always have the drugs!

7. The food thief flat mate

food scouting for trout

The biggest dick you can have as a flatmate, your cupboards being constantly emptied by him and even though he has his own food he will always steal yours, he will deny it, but deep down you knew it was him. So piss on his pillow and piss him off just as much as he has done to you.

8. The flat mate who never washes their dishes

dishes scouting for trout

In most university halls/flats there is usually a few rules which we admit are sometimes there to be broken, but the main one is usually wash your dishes when you use them.

Now everyone hates washing dishes, but if you constantly avoid doing them if makes you look like an utter dick, so make life easier just wash your dishes. Obviously if you can get a trout to do them for you then we tip our hat off to you good sir.

9. The BFF flat mate

mates scouting for trout

This is the flatmate who turns out you are both completely in sync with each other, to put it bluntly you are perfect for each other and are in fact best friends. There is nothing better than living with your best friend and you found them via a flat share website! Who saw that coming? If they are female it should at least be a friend with benefits.