Music is a priority no party I complete without some banging tunes! (We are not talking about that Now that’s what I call music 86 album you still have) If you do have £350,000 kicking about then by all means hire Calvin Harris otherwise pre make a quality playlist!

Dj mixer with headphones at nightclub

The Food

Now you may think you will not need food however I can promise you at about 12:00am people will get the muchies and will raid your cupboards, so be prepared. We are not expecting you become Gordon Ramsay, but when you are doing your beer run swing by the snacks aisle and see what you can get that is quick and easy. Alternatively have some take-away menus handy!

Scouting for Trout DJ1

The Venue

The Key to a good house party is the house, so make sure your gaff is kitted out! Have designated shagging areas and always pre warn the neighbours, last thing you need is the po-po turning up. The biggest issue with house parties is the que for the bathroom so have guys pissing outside and the Trout can have the bathroom, that should free up a bit of space. If that is too much then get in touch with one of your mates who has the biggest house and sweet talk them into having a party.

Scouting for Trout DJ2

The Guests

Your guest list should be like Ibiza nightclub, Trout is an essential, as when there is Trout the guys follow. Make sure word goes round in advance as that way you can build up a buzz round your night as that way there is a desire to go. Stay away from facebook and twitter invites as that way you will end up with every dick in your front room.

Scouting for Trout DJ3

Let us know how you get on with your house party!