Instagram is rapidly becoming the #1 social media to be on right now, however there are a lot of dos and don’ts and some mistakes you do not want to be making.

  1. Always Take Photos of You with Fit Trout

fit scouting for trout

If you want your Instagram game to go through the roof then it is crucial that you start taking pictures of some really, really fit trout. Start ditching the dogs that always want work selfies because it is only going to have a negative effect on your Instagram game. If you do not know any attractive trout, then what is wrong with you? Find some! Bring in your sisters pals, find random people, PAY them if you have to. Fit trout is imperative when trying to promote that Dan Bilzerian look in your Instagram feed.

2.Be Rich

rolex scouting for trout

Now you do not necessarily need to ‘be rich’ it is all about perception, do not claim to be driving a Lamborghini when you obviously don’t. Taking photos when you are shopping of expensive items will do the trick. Taking photos of new trainers, watches and clothes will all make you look like you are balling when you cannot even get enough cash for a microwave meal. This will make your timeline a hell of a lot more interesting and may even spark a bit of interest from some trout however always be aware #GoldDiggingTrout.

  1. Avoid Dinner Photos

food scouting for trout

This is the Instagram cock block and is a virgin mistake; taking a photo of your dinner/food you have in front of you. I do not care even if you are a foodie everyone hates seeing these so do not be the cunt who does it; you will quickly ruin everything you have built. If you are looking for something else that could be interesting instead of food take a pic of the menu this will make you look pretentious, not a dick.

  1. The #GymSelfie

gym scouting for trout

The key to improving your Instagram game is getting good at the all-important gym selfie. People always fall down with this as it is obvious they are attention seeking so it is about showing off but keeping it on the sly. Do not go for big flexing or holding massive weights it is super obvious and it will impact your game, pick an exercise that is hard but not obvious, go for things like bench press or running machine. This will highlight that you are at the gym and pumping iron without the meat head or knob head look about you.

  1. It’s Not About Humour It’s About Hotness

funny scouting for trout

Even if you think you have a few funny photos from Dave’s stag doo in Newcastle I can guarantee only you think the photo with a firework up his ass is funny. Instagram is purely a place for hotness, if you photo does not have some kind of cute/sexy/fit/hot, quality to it then why the fuck are you in Instagram? To get humour right on Instagram you really have to know what you are doing, make use of the Instavideo if you have to be funny photos can be lost in translation.

Congratulations your Instagram game has not got to a level where people find you bare able if you really want to see a pro at work then follow us on Instagram it will change your life @ScoutingForTrout