1. Aero Upgrades

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This is the perfect place to start if you want to modify your car.

Upgrading the aerodynamics may seem like a light waste of time, but they do add some aesthetic appeal and can under the right circumstances shave off some time on track days.

If that’s not doing it for you, by upgrading the aerodynamics of the car you can lower drag which ultimately can give you better fuel economy or create a larger downforce which can give you better handling.

What you are looking to add is body kits which have front splitters that can create this downforce, rear diffuser, side skirts and spoilers all help with this as it is all about airflow around the car.

With that said we don’t recommend putting a McLaren MP4-12G kit on your Vauxhall Vectra you will look like a dick.

2. Seats

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Seats are not something you necessarily think of when modifying your car, yet they do play a crucial part as you are not just looking for comfort but style, protection and position.

If you’re thinking about increasing the power of your car then your seats are crucial as if you are bringing your bad boy Honda Civic to 400bhp and you are still in standard seats chances are you will be tossing about like a bloke in a gay bar.

Get yourself some racer seats as these will give you the proper support you need, avoid the five-point harness at all costs as unless you are racing you look like a member of Demon Tweeks.

3. Suspension Tuning

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Just because you can lower it does not mean you should as it will be a pain in your ass when going over speed bumps or on the school run.

Changing the suspension may seem a bit advanced, but if you’re looking to dramatically change the characteristics of the car then it has to be done. Even slightly altering it can transform your grannies cruiser into a much better looking car.

There are many ways to change the suspension of your car, but by lowering the car you could gain some really good performance qualities as the lower centre of gravity will result in having better handling at higher speeds as well as reducing drag and lift.

4. Wheels

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People modify there wheels for really one of two reasons; either style or performance.

If you are picking your wheels on the basis of aesthetics go for something modern and current like multi-spoke alloys the kind you will find on AMGs and if you want to get them painted make sure it matches the over all colour of the car to look bad ass (black all over obviously).

For performance reasons a good set of wheels can help reduce the unspring weight and improve the overall handling of the car not just make people think you are reliving your Max Power Magazine days.

5. Sports Pedals

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If you get some ridiculous neon pink anodized aluminum pedals we will personally come to your house and bitch slap you with a trout fresh from the sea and we are talking about a stinking wet fish not the ones that we ogle for.

This modification can really help the driver as with wider more sporty/racer pedals you can control your car far more easily and avoid clumsy feet shifting while driving.

6. Custom Upholstery

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This can be a subjective area, but remember you are not trying to create Willy Wonka’s car here and the more bonkers it is the less likely anyone else will buy it.

Try and create something both stylish and that matches your personality without looking like a dick. There;s nothing wrong with bold colours, but make sure it matches the rest of your car otherwise you could be destroying an amazing car with your bad taste.

If you get pink leather or customised text on the head rests you deserve to be sleeping with the fishes.

So get some nice leather in there and depending on what you like either go all dark like blacks, browns or greys or go all light creams, whites etc. Do not turn it into an Ali-G car.

7. Performance Exhaust

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Getting a performance exhaust is a mandatory modification for any petrol head as a sexy sound exhaust can sound better than your miss’s orgasm.

Do not just go for the fucking loudest exhaust you can find as this is what will separate you from the chavs, go for something that is loud enough and that creates that real racer feeling with the way it pops and splutters.

If you have a Corsa and you put three exhausts on it you’re just going to look stupid and let’s be fair everyone loves a nice rumble in moderation.

8. Weight reduction

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This is a true modifiers nightmare beacuse more weight is bad.

The easiest thing to do of course is stop being a lazy bastard and get in the gym, but we’re not talking about fucking dreadful carbon fibre wraps and shit we’re talking about the real deal.

When you have a lighter car that means you can accelerate faster, go round corners harder and can improve your fuel consumption. The best way to do this is to replace your bonnet with a lighter ones as they are the simplest to change. If you are looking to drastically decrease weight take away the rear seats and any unwanted crap in your car.

9. Steering Wheel

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Changing your steering wheel obviously does not change the performance of the car, but it can help you control it better and cosmetically enhance it.

You will want to get something that fits with the over all style of your car especially if you have the sport seats.  Still keep the standard manufactures steering wheel because you might need to revert the car back to OEM when you sell it.

Do not get a sportier steering wheel if you:

  1. Dress like a wanker
  2. Have a nickname that is drizzle in it
  3. Going to kill someone on the roads racing

10. Speakers

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Within the modifying scene sound systems are a huge part of the modification process.

What you are looking for are BETTER speakers not MORE speakers and over kill in this can affect the over all style of your car.

Look for sound systems that focus on quality. A majority of car enthusiasts go for JBL, Bose or Vibe as these proved the loudest without compromising the sound quality.

11. Install a Turbo – Modify Your Car

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This will be one of the more noticeable modifications you will do to you car as it dramatically alters the performance.

For some people modification is all about manipulating the engine in order to get a better performance and a main reason as to why they modify their car.

Whether that be better acceleration, more power or increased top speed it’s all part of the fun if you decide to Modify Your Car. The best way to do this is by installing a turbo as you will get more power out of your engine with out swapping it all together.

You will see some dramatically better improvements to the cars over all performance, but chances are you will need to be prepared for higher servicing, fuel and breakdown costs. Fuck it though, only one life to live.

12. Custom Paint

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Painting your car is a perfect way to modify your car as it is the first thing people will see about your ride.

What should be avoided is images of naked woman, fake sponsors, or anything with more than 3 colours as it will make it look like a piece of shit.

Get something interesting that is not too loud and make sure it keeps in with the overall style of the car so it doesn’t depreciate the value.

Have we missed anything about how to Modify Your Car?

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