1.Have a fry up


Nothing can destroy a Sunday morning hangover like a good fry up I am talking the works sausage, beans, beacon, toast etc. Now do not get me wrong when you are a little fragile and you can still taste Sambuca in your mouth the last thing you want to me doing to knocking up a fry up and having to do the cleaning up, that is a major no. Get your self down to your local builders café and get them to sort you out, the trip out of bed will be worth it to avoid doing dishes.

2.Don’t just look at the water drink it!


It is dead easy to pour yourself a glass of water and just stare at it, if you really want to move the hangover then you are going to have to drink gallons of the stuff. It is tempting to head to the shops and get some Lucozade but water is the best for you as it does not dehydrate you and also replenishes the nutrients you lost due to the alcohol. GET IT DOWN THE HATCH!


3.Get your ass to the gym


Sweating out your hangover is 100% a thing exercise can be really good for your hangover and you are getting rid of the alcohol in your system through sweat. Stick to cardio exercises like running and cycling to really work up a sweat even if you go for your usual hour you will feel the benefits instantly.


4.Avoid more alcohol


It is a common myth that the best way to get rid of your hangover is to keep on drinking. It is correct that it is a temporary fix that will take away your banging head and sickly feelings but behind the scenes it is making you more dehydrated and can make you feel even worse in the long run.




Nothing will beat a good hard shag to get rid of your hangover, try and pull a trout on the night out to make it a bit easier for early morning sex if not you better check the booty call list to see what you can pull out of the net. The real challenge is not getting them into be its getting the trout to fucking leave!


6.Get Plenty of sleep


It is really important that you get plenty of rest you have had a heavy night and the lack of sleep is probably making you feel worse than what you really . Make sure you have a long lie in and try to catch up on sleep when you can, a disco nap can really make a difference!


7.A long hot shower


No not a wank in the shower I mean a proper shower. As soon as you wake up get in the shower, it may seem like a good idea to stay in you cum stained joggy bottoms smelling or larger but you will feel the benefits as your hangover will begin to disappear. Having a shower is a great way to get water back into your system as the hot water gets into your pours and starts to push out the alcohol in your blood.


8.A Fifa Session


What could be better for a hangover than a good old Fifa session some controllers may be smashed but if it does not fix the hangover it will at least make you forget that you have a hangover.