1. While Helping an Old Lady Cross the Road

Jager Bomb Scouting for Trout

We all love a drink now and again and a Jager bomb is the prefect drink to get the party started, however, sometimes it’s not always appropriate to just guzzle the shot.

If you’re helping an old lady across the road then that is a perfect example of when not to do it, you need to focus… LIVES ARE AT STAKE! Life is about an adventure and what better than to take a cheeky Jager Bomb whilst doing some good for the world.

2. Just Before an Orgasm

Jager Bomb 1 Scouting For Trout

Maybe it’s just us trout loving editors here at Scouting for Trout HQ, but many a time half way through sex  we think, “You know what this needs to really make me climax, a fucking Jager Bomb” to be honest we’re not going to lie, a majority of our sexual encounters have begun with a Jager bomb, but to really raise the stakes need to finish with one. Who says romance is dead? Especially if you share that Jager Bomb over some french kissing action.

3. Whilst Attending a Funeral do a Jager Bomb

Jager Bomb 2 Scouting for Trout

FOR GOD’S SAKE A MAN HAS DIED! What are you thinking doing? Having a Jager Bomb is like giving David Cameron a pig with lipstick on, although inappropriate it will certainly but you in a better mood. Okay, it might seem wrong to down a Jager Bomb at a time where everyone is being sad and remorseful, but as a true scout you have to make life interesting for once you’re dead who gives a fuck anyway?

4. During a First Date

Jager Bomb 3 Scouting for Trout

On a first date you’re trying to impress your trout lady. That means talking about what you do for a living or what hobbies or interests you have, not just smashing a Jager bomb in the middle of Nandos through a cheeky bottle you’ve brought with you. Some trout are impressed with how much you can drink, but the real question is if 5:30pm on a Thursday is the right time. Inappropriate yes, but like the chicken at Nandos it’s only for the brave.

5. In a Job Interview

jager Bomb 4 Scouting for Trout

In a time where jobs are hard to come by it’s always important to stand out from the crowd so why not offer your interviewer a cheeky Jager Bomb and do one at the same time. What’s the worst that can happen Trout fans? Even being a branch manager at Weatherspoon’s means you need a degree, 15 years’ experience, four gold medals and have written a best selling novel so what you got to lose?

Okay so doing a Jager Bomb whilst interviewing for a job might be as stressful as playing twister with a tiger, but fuck it, why not. If you do decide to just fuck it and go on a bender mid interview when you know you’ve no chance in hell of getting the job at least you’ve made your trip worthwhile. Just hope that the job you’re applying for is a shot taster for Jägermeister and you will be a grade A candidate.

6. Your Best Friends’ Mum.

Jager Bomb 1 Scouting for trout

Every lad always wants to be able to tell a close mate that they’ve done their Mum, so why not get the ball rolling by doing a Jager Bomb with your MILF Trout before your mate arrives. Who knows what will happen, but if you don’t try you’ll never know.

7. While Breaking Up with Your Girlfriend

Jager Bomb 6 Scouting for Trout

Breakups are never fun, but why does it always have to be that way? Both do a Jager Bomb and say fuck it and then have goodbye sex to say “Au Revoir”.

8. The Gym

Jager Bomb 7 Scouting for trout

The gym can get pretty boring if you are doing the same thing day after day, so why not mix it up and put a Jager Bomb in a protein shake. It will help you speak with those idiotic gym freaks that think they are hard and make life a little bit more interesting when you hit the treadmill. Okay so using weights whilst doing Jager Bombs isn’t advised, but maybe it will give you that extra bit of courage to a lift a little bit more than usual.