‘The Gypsy King’ Tyson Fury has only been champ a few weeks, but already been stripped of his IBF Heavy Weight title. It must have been for his bad chat rather than his boxing ability as this boy is a beast!

Fury has been in the news with his controversial remarks regarding homosexuality and it has even sparked a petition to have him removed from the BBC Sports Personality of the Year. He is not doing very well to stay out of trouble, so in light of this here are 5 things we think Tyson Fury should do to become popular again.

    1. Buy all Gypsies a New Caravan

After winning the heavyweight title Tyson Fury reportedly won £5Million from that one fight!

To make him more popular with the public and to redeem himself from losing his title he should use his prize money to buy every gypsy in the UK a new caravan on private land. This way he makes all the gypos happy and they all move off the lands they shouldn’t be on in the first place. No better PR than that Tyson!

2. Become Santa Claus


He has fucked up big time comparing homosexuality to paedophilia, so he’s going to have to do something major to win the hearts of the general public.

One way we suggest he could do this is to become Santa Claus! Everyone loves Santa he brings presents and joy!

How hard could it be delivering presents to every family in the world in one night? Okay it would be pretty difficult but he would be the most loved person ever and it would be a great PR stunt to shake his current reputation as long as he doesn’t empty his big red sack all over you…

3. Fight ISIS


At the moment governments all over the world are trying to figure out how to stop ISIS from causing more damage, but we think we have the solution to kill two birds with one stone. Send in Tyson Fury!

If he can fight ISIS then we have a chance not only to make the world safer but also to make Tyson Fury not look like a dick anymore. His singing ability alone will calm these fuckers down if nothing else.

He has what it takes to beat ISIS, he’s the world heavyweight champion…  who else are we going to send Ross Kemp?!

4. Set Up a Greggs in Africa


The food crisis in Africa has been going on for years, people are dying of starvation and any food they do eat is most likely unsuitable. Tyson Fury has an opportunity to make a difference, by opening up a Greggs in Africa.

He could change the world for the better through sausage rolls, steak bakes and gingerbread men. Plus with coffee and bacon rolls in a morning how could Tyson Fury not be loved?

5. Hand Out Fivers Outside a Job Centre


Remember Scousers need money as well.

Tyson Fury should try to improve his reputation by standing outside a job centre handing out fivers to people less fortunate than him.

6. Open a Gay Bar


We think at this stage all Tyson Fury has to do to become popular is to open a gay bar.

Ever since he has came out allegedly comparing homosexuality to paedophilia he has never been particularly popular within the gay community, however, opening a gay bar would solve that.

With Canal Street in Manchester not far from his home he could do this on his own door step and call the bar ‘Bear Fights’.