It is always bullshit when a trout friend zones you, but don’t worry we’ve all been there.

Even some of the top pick up artists here at Scouting for Trout have had their share of friend zoning experiences so you are not alone.

It’s very simple how it starts you firstly have that friend that you start hanging out with, that friend turns into a crush then you have sex with that crush after 12 tequilas, that crush then starts to see you have feelings for her, she picks up on that and tries to give you signals that she does not like you until you openly confess your undying love for her via Whatsapp. Who says romance is dead?

As always we are here to help you with this precarious situation. So here are 5 ways of knowing if you’re in the friend zone.

  1. Your Trout mentions the people she has a crush on

It’s difficult to read the signs when you have a crush on a fit trout especially when you are in the friend zone, however, there’s one sure fire way to tell and that is your trout will talk quite openly about all the people who she currently fancies.

This may seem like a really obvious signal, however, loads of fishermen miss it as they have a crush on her and are more interested in helping her pull than actually realising they have been friend zoned.

Usually she will drop really obvious hints about who she fancies and in some cases just sleep with them, the sad thing is that’s when you know for certain that you have been friend zoned.

2. They Will Try and Get You to Pull Their Friend


Most of the time the trout will know that you have a crush on them and instead of hurting your feelings or dropping you altogether their alternative is to try and set you up with their ugly friend.

You will have absolutely no interest in their friend who looks like a Connor Salmon not a trout, however, this tactic of trying to push you upon a new trout is a massive sign that you are in the friend zone.

This usually comes from the fact they know you have a crush on them and they are not into you so they try to fuck you off. The best thing to do is just pull her friend anyway as a pull is a pull and then move on from your crush as it’s game over. Best case you might make her jealous when her friend says how good you are with your fishing tackle.

3. They Look Like Dog Shit Around You


If there is one thing we know about trout and that is they like to tart themselves up for the fisherman they fancy.

It may go over your head, but when they are all dolled up with makeup and hair done then they are 100% into you. If when you see your crush and she is in an Adidas 2 stripe, smells like a kebab shop on a Saturday night and basically looks like dog shit then she is not into you mate and you are in the friend zone.

Even the most ‘feminist’ trout likes looking nice for the man she likes so if she looks like Darth Maul on MDMA then you are in the friend zone. Just don’t expect to feel any force from her.

4. If they say ‘Why Can’t I Find a Guy Like You’


This is a classic phrase from a trout that is trying to friend zone you.

They don’t actually know what they are saying, but it’s a strong signal as it shows that she does not see you in a romantic or sexual way.

Fuck her anyway mate there is a guy like you… YOU!

So what she really means is that she wants someone like you, just not you though, and who is probably a first class dick who will mess her about just for you to be there for her once again. Stupid stupid trout.

5. The Romance is Not Mutual


If you really do have a crush on a tidy bit of trout then chances are you have tried to make some advances by either flanter or by flirting.

The reaction is what is most important here as if she does not really respond then there is a good chance she is not into you.

The reaction you should be looking for is a mixture of bashfulness and embarrassment not because of what you said, but because she fancies the fuck out of you and she is chuffed that you find her attractive. If she fucks you off then obviously you will know as well!

Happy Fishing Gentleman.