1. “Holy Shit” I’m Going fast – Breaking the Speed Limit!

scouting for trout


That look of horror as you look down at the speedo doing a ton plus after noticing a police car on a motorway bridge. His pointing speed gun causing you your more grief and stress than that of a real one on the streets of Compton.

Three points might be great for your team on a Saturday, but it’s a shitter for you as the prospect of a speed awareness cause awaits when what you really need to be aware of is that stupid speed gun on the bridge.

2. Fuck was That The Police?

Breaking the Speed Limit 2 Scouting for Trout

Whilst breaking the speed limit you can become more paranoid than a stoner on a haunted house ride at Disney land and let’s get real… every car could possibly be a police car.

Okay so the traditional blues and twos are a give away, but there will always be that one moment when a black BMW comes from nowhere to pull you over as you shit yourself all over your car seat. Best you can hope for is that your seat is leather and easy to clean.

3. If I Crashed Would I die if I was breaking the speed limit?

Breaking the Speed Limit 3 Scouting for trout

Yes. Speed kills Trout fans

4. Would it be Possible to Out Run The Police by breaking the speed limit?

Breaking the Speed Limit 4 Scouting for trout

Escaping the police in real life is much harder than on GTA we can guarantee that; you might be filled with confidence that your Honda Civic can out run anything, but the truth is that a chihuahua with a limp can probably go faster.

Do you even know what they will do to you if you get caught (which you eventually will) if you try to out run the police? You would be sharing a prison cell with a bloke called Mickey and both of you will be playing Tinder inmate style.

5. Where is James May is he off breaking the speed limit?

Scouting for trout Breaking the Speed Limit

Captain Slow and breaking the speed limit naturally go hand in hand. His title is bullshit as he’s always going fast, so give yourself a stupid title or nickname and hope that perception is reality in the eyes of the police.