1. To Become Famous

kim scouting for trout

If it worked for Kim Kardashian then it can work for you! Kim has got her own show and is worth millions and it all started from sucking off a rapper. You and your trout could be the next kimye… everyone from around the world will know you and is that not a good enough reason to make a sex tape? If that plan fails sell the video to the Daily Mail and say it was someone from EastEnders

2. A bit of material for the Wank Bank

bank scouting for trout

So your trout isn’t around all the time to finish you off whenever you need her so you’re going to need some material for the infamous wank bank. Videos are always so much better than nude photos especially when you get the angle right. Your trout will be happy knowing even when she’s not around you are still thinking of her and watching her 😉

3. Revenge

revenge scouting for trout

Remember that trout that dumped you in the past well nothing pisses of an ex-trout more than a sex tape with your new trout. Make sure you get in lots of smiles and winks, fuck it go American Psycho and flex like you are a boss. This is the ultimate way to get your own back on her. Justice is a dish best served with trout.

4. Money

money scouting for trout

People will pay good money to see the amateur stuff so this could be a good pay day for you, it could even buy your trout something nice. Failing that stick it on RedTube and see how many views you can get.

5. To Practice

babe scouting for trout

Even Barcelona FC look back at their previous games to see what they could improve on and what they do well, we suggest with your sex tape you take the same approach. We know you think you’re gods gift to trout, however, with video evidence you’ll be able to spot the fake orgasms and eye rolling moments every time.