A good lad’s holiday can be one of the most amazing experiences of your life, if you do it properly. Here are 19 things that should be on your lad’s holiday bucket list to ensure you have a fantastic time! How many do you think you can tick off?

  1. Fill your friend’s suncream with Deep Heat.

Scouting for trout

There are only two things you need on holiday – booze and sun cream. For the ultimate lols swap one of your mate’s sun cream for deep heat, he will be burning and itching for ages. You will get maximum bants from this prank.

  1. Pull an all-nighter.

Scouting for trout 1

Try and cram in as many all nighters as you can in fact just do not go to sleep, sleep is for pussies. You’re only on holiday for one maybe two weeks so make the most of it.

  1. Finish a fish-bowl cocktail yourself.

Scouting For Trout 2

Yeah so what if fish-bowls were designed to share with your friends, if you can finish one yourself you will be a mess by the end of the night!

  1. Teabag a sleeping friend.

Tea Bag Scouting for Trout

Just remember what happens on the lads holiday stays on the lads holiday, except tea bagging photos, they lie on Facebook.

  1. Get a burn that your friends can be envious of.

Scouting for Trout 4

One thing we are all awful at is tanning, we do not burn either, we fry so try to out do your mates by coming back red!

  1. DO rent a jet ski.

Scouting for trout 5

Do you even need to ask why? Just do it!

  1. Get a holiday rep to curse at you.

Scouting for Trout 6

You have got to take the piss out of holiday reps and it is surprisingly easy!

  1. Consume a beer with every meal for the whole holiday.

Scouting for Trout 7

NOTE: this is not for lightweights, you must hae a beer with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  1. Walk into your friend’s room and clog their toilet.

scoutingg for trout 8

The greatest moment on any lads holiday, you can do think to a mate who pulled the trout you were after in the nightclub just to get back at him!

  1. Get laid (it’s a given)

scouting for trout 9

Lads it is a numbers game and if you come back without a single shagging story, well, you may of stayed home!

  1. Win some sort of pointless party competition.

scouting for trout 10

These are utterly pointless like who can down a beer quickest, you can jump in the pool with their clothes on etc.

  1. Sex on the beach.

scouting for trout 11

You have to tick this off as you will not be having se on a beach in the UK and if you do…I’m sorry

  1. Survive a 48 hour session, without sleeping.

scouting for 12

This really separates the men from the boys as the weakest of the group will give up early. The key is to drink spirits with energy drinks so you can push on through the night.

  1. Barter (and barter well) with a lucky lucky man.

scouting for trout 13

Give you self a budget of 5 euros and come away with enough fake gear to fill another suitcase.

  1. Fall asleep on a sunbed after a night out.

Scouting for trout sucess

This way you do not need to get up early to put your towel down on a sunbed, you are already on your sunbed!

  1. Inject superglue into all your friend’s condoms.

scouting for trout 15

Every group has that one lad that everyone dislikes, take this opportunity to get your own back, by stopping him getting laid. Please not this will also wreck his dick so make sure to make fun of that on route to the hospital!

  1. Complete a walk of fame.

scouting for trout 16

When was it shameful to walk back from a one night stand? It is not the walk of shame but the stride of pride!

  1. Go for a night time skinny dip.

scouting for trout 17

It is an obvious one but make sure you tick it of your list.

  1. By some miracle, arrive home without an STI.

scouting for trout 18

As that may be a difficult conversation to have with your girlfriend. Whether you are going to Ibiza or Magaluf just do not come back with a doctor’s note!