1.Ruby must be big money now as the WAGs are getting fitter

wags scouting for trout

You can always tell that a sport is paying their athletes a lot more money by how fit their trout wags are #GoldDiggingTrout. I remember years ago the trout girlfriends of rugby players were pretty plain, now they have gone from trout you would through back to catch of the day.

2.Rugby players have gotten fucking massive

massie scouting for trout

When did rugby players become so fucking massive, like seriously, I have never seen anything like it. If there was a fight between an all-black and Wayne Rooney, Rooney would ccome out even more ugly (If that was even possible!).

3.Are rugby players on footballers wages?

money scouting for trout

For an average rugby union player playing in the premiership he will look to get around £70,000 a year while the highest wage for an academy player would be around about £21,000. Comparing that to footballers wage where some are getting paid £100,000 a week it is still a definite jump however rugby players salaries have improved over the years.

4.The Hakka looks fucking terrifying

The All Blacks perform the haka in the new jersey before the All Black v South Africa test match at Westpac Stadium, Wellington, NZ. 30 July 2011 Credit: Jo Caird/RugbyImages

It is absolutely the best way to strike fear into your opponent, a deadly dance saying you will slaughter then on the pitch. The New Zealand team have been doing it for years and it has become world famous and even when I watch it on TV I still get shivers up my spine!

5.Scotland were robbed

scotland scouting for trout

Scotland were robber enough said.


beer scouting for trout

I love the very casual way that alcohol and rugby are associated with each other, in football you almost feel bad that you are drinking while at rugby it is heavily encouraged to drink as much beer as possible. It is a fundamental part of the sport and you can even drink inside the stadium! (I know football fans shock!)

7.The only time I have not wanted to fight the opposing teams fans

fans rugby

Rugby fans are just as big as the rugby players so next time you want to pick a fight with a rugby fan be warned they will destroy you! So do not say anything about their mums they will break every bone in your body.

8.Why don’t rugby players argue with the referees?

referee scouting for trout

In football as soon as the referee blows his whistle the players surround him and try to argue, why they not do that in rugby, the referees are tiny compared to the players so it is the ultimate way to intimidate them! If I had 6 massive rugby player around me shout ing you are damn right I would listen to them.

9.Rugby needs to include chants like in football

rugby fans scouting for trout

The one thing this world cup has lacked and that is good old fashioned fan chants, like ‘Who ate all the pies’ and ‘You have got no fans!’ come on rugby fans you really need to up your game. They need to get creative with it and have fun it looks pretty dull up there in the stands.

10.Rugby 100% needs fitter trout fans!

© Sport the library/Bill Bachman Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games Australian (AUS) fans in green and gold cheering

During the world cup the camera always pans to the audience in the stadium and I for one are sick to death of seeing ugly trout. Rugby needs more attractive fans in the stadium take a leaf out of Wimbledon’s book rugby sort it out!!