1. Not being able to go through McDonalds Drive Through

super car scouting for trout

People think supercar owners have it easy, but it does have some serious downfalls. Not being able to get a Big Mac because you car is too big and expensive to go through the McDonalds drive through is a serious problem and “i’m lovin’ it” doesn’t apply here.

People just see the McLaren and think to themselves ‘Wow this guy has made it.” But that is bullshit, McDonalds is discriminating supercar owners and quite frankly we have had enough of it! Super car owners should get a free cheeseburger with a special super car card like you do with a student card!

2. Going too fast and You Shit Yourself

shutterstock_113766817 (1)

Take a Maserati Granturismo!

That’s 405bhp sitting in your back pocket, that bitch has a top speed of 177mph and if you put your foot down it’s a fact that you will shit yourself.

Do you even know what that means? Some poor millionaire is probably going to have to pay some polish bloke to clean up his shit in his Maserati! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT! That’s a sacrifice because those polish workers, work hard they do not even take card.

3. Too Many Trout Fancy You


When you drive around in a million pound supercar you are going to get some attention, however this is just part of the struggle.

Have you ever had loads of fit trout just throw themselves at you? Its fucking sickening we would rather have a back rub from Freddy Krueger.

Half the time you have trout trying to give you a blow job as you are driving and the other half of the time you are signing autographs from being too much of a badass! It is a real pain in the ass. How could you cope?!

4. Having People Take Photos With Your car


It is not often people see a supercar, so when they do they always want to get a photo of themselves next to your car and it fucking pisses us off. Even more so when they upload it to their Facebook profile picture and you know full well they are full of shit.

We don’t care how dull your snapchat story is and the fact you want to have our supercar in it to make that trout who sits next to you on your Media Studies course fancy you, quite frankly makes us sick.

5. Deciding the Right Colour


This is like one of the most important parts of owning a supercar, the struggle is real people!

What colour you want the car is important as the wrong colour will make you look like a twat and the right colour will make you look like a god! Unless you buy an BMW i8 in which case you are always going to look like a twat no matter what.

6. The Fact You Can Run Someone Over and No One Would Give a Shit


People who own supercars get in trouble all the time and no one gives a shit! Why? Because it’s a fucking supercar.

If we took a Lamborghini Aventador and drove it to a children’s hospital for the little kids to play with we would end up getting the key to the city. If you brought a Nissan Micra they would tell you to fuck off and feel even more sick.

7. Dogging is a Serious Issue


The back seats are so terrible in supercars! Can you imagine dogging in them?

You would have given up before you could even get a condom on! Having sex in a supercar is a lot like watching Manchester United play football, you think it is going to be amazing, but in the end you will be left disappointed.

8. No One can Hear You Talk Over the Sound of your Supercar


If you are trying to talk to someone you can never hear what they are trying to say because your V8 engine is too bitching.

Of course the sound of a roaring V8 is sexy enough to get any fisherman erect, but when it comes to holding a conversation well that has its own challenges.

In a situation where you are telling a Trout about how awesome you are and all of a sudden her eardrums are bleeding because she heard the epic roar of your super car engine it can cause serious issues and not ones you can plan for.

9. Trout Wanting to Sit in your Supercar


When you are in a rush and you have some fit trout wanting to sit in your car, it makes you late all the time. You don’t want to be rude, but at same time you need her number. You just have to face being late and deal with it.

10. Having Too Big a Cock


The ultimate struggle of having a supercar…