Halloween is tonight and no doubt that you would have been invited to a load of Halloween parties. This is a perfect opportunity to pull some prime trout and get laid; fishing in a costume has never been more fun. The real question is what do you go dressed as? You do not want to go too zombiefied as you will look like a c*nt and on the other hand if you do not dress up at all then you look like a dick. Have no fear we are here to help with some costumes guaranteed to get you laid this Halloween.


superhero scouting for trout

Going as a superhero will be an epic costume as not only is it simple it is also really easy to get a hold of, so no raiding Wilkos. The amount of chat up lines you can use will be at no end you will literally be shooting fish in a barrel!


Police scouting for trout

The ultimate trout fantasy so of course it will get you laid! Trout loves a man in a uniform so get yourself down to the nearest party shop and pick yourself up the policeman uniform, while you at it pick up some handcuffs you may need them later.


A wandering Spartan cosplayer.

Who wouldn’t want to fuck the guy from 300? He is a machine and a definite turn on for trout. Make sure to have a few gym sessions before hand you want to show off your six pack not your beer belly. This outfit may take a bit of preparation but honestly you will be happily fishing while everyone else struggle to bait their own hook!

4.Mafia Gangster

gangster scouting for trout

I think it is safe to say every trout wants to shag Scarface; he has it all money, power and DRUGS! So you have to dress as a mafia gangster purely for these reasons. If you really want to top the costume off, bring your own drugs weed always makes a party better and a great conversation starter with some fit trout.

5.James Bond

James Bond scouting for trout

This is the easiest costume all you need is a suit, and then BOOM! You are James Bond. All trout want to be a bond girl and you can make their dreams come true.

6.A Celebrity

amy scouting for trout

If you feel confident then dress up as a celebrity, it will get a good laugh however stay away from paedophiles. No Rolf or Savile stick to current not in jail celebrities.


knight scouting for trout

Go as something medieval like a knight looking for a damsel in distress, or a king looking for his queen either way you will be getting laid. Trout loves shit like that and it could be a great opportunity for some top class chatting up.


pirate scouting for trout

Ask any trout and they all want to shag Jack Sparrow, Even if it is Johnny Depp, but that could be you. Getting you trout to walk your plank is the goal so when you are fishing makes sure you pull out all the stops, really sell the costume, say you are looking for a first mate.


pilot scouting for trout

Did someone say the mile high club? Yip I think the trout did. There is so much scope with this costume and at the same time it actually makes you hot unlike a flesh eating zombie.


spaceman scouting for trout

This costume may take a bit of thought but it is worth the effort, trust me the trout will be bouncing into your net.