10 Celebrities that should become WWE Wrestlers

  1. Katie Price

WWE Wrestler 9 Scouting for Trout

It’s safe to say we’d all love to see Katie Price get tomb-stoned by The Undertaker. These days for the wrestlers of WWE it’s all about how you big yourself up and whether it be her over inflated personality or her eye popping tits, bigger is better in WWE. Imagine her fighting Paige or Charlotte for the WWE Diva’s Championship or maybe even a fatal three way…

2. Danny Dyer

WWE Wrestler Scouting For Trout

The original hard man from London would be the perfect WWE wrestler. As a pub landlord in EastEnders he’s bound to have stopped a few fights over the years and alongside  his many hooligans could create a nice stable in WWE, but it’s now time to see how hard Danny really is. We’d all love to see Danny Dyer shout “YOU SLAG” from across the ring to the likes of Nikki Bella and fight it out with Wade Barrett for King of the Ring with Peggy Mitchell in his corner.

3. David Beckham

WWE Wrestler 1 Scouting for Trout

Beckham has had a few close encounters with Sir Alex Ferguson, so he is used to the physicality’s and mental toughness required to make it under Vince McMahon’s stewardship in the WWE. With a super kick as his finishing move David would bend his opponents bodies to the floor and leave them out for the count. With more kids than we have had hot dinners the Beckham stable could be the new Evolution of WWE.

4. Emma Watson

WWE Wrestler 2 Scouting for Trout

WWE wouldn’t be anything without the divas and of course the best diva would have to be Emma Watson. With the whole Diva’s division becoming more prominent it’s time to bring some magic and damn right hotness to the squared circle.

5. Simon Cowell

WWE Wrestler 3 Scouting for Trout

The music industries very own Vince McMahon should become a WWE wrestler. With high wasted pants and a quirky grin, our Simon has charisma to burn. Imagine Simon Cowell going, “It’s a no from me” and then pulling out a Stone Cold Stunner! That’s when you would know shit would of hit the fan. It brings music to your ears.

6. Russell Brand

WWE Wrestler 4 Scouting for Trout

Okay so he’s all about peace and love around the world, but at the same time Brand would make a wicked WWE wrestler. Russell would be a modern day Papa Shango/Godfather who would make an excellent heel as he’d never shut up. With a history of drink, drugs and woman he would certainly get everyone talking. Sure since he is super skinny and would have his ass kicked a couple of times but eventually he would snap and go into beast mode. Just imagine Katy Perry coming out to surprise him at Wrestlemania with a firework to his ass. Priceless.

7. Prince Harry

WWE Wrestler 5 Scouting for trout

Wade Barrett and Jerry Lawler may state they are Kings of wrestling and WWE, but this boy is true royalty and a badass with it.

With William and Kate popping sprogs left right and centre it’s highly unlikely he will ever become a King, but in WWE he could be just that, winning King of the Ring. Plus, as a military veteran he knows what it takes to get the job done and just imagine him clothes lining John Cena with him standing over him saying, “You can’t see me”. With a finishing move of the Royal Bulldog, this Brit would be champ in no time.

8. Keith Lemon

WWE Wrestler 6 Scouting for Trout

Keith would bring the showbiz factor and an ego big enough to take on the big show himself. With Fearne and Holly Willabooby in his corner his finishing move of the Lemon Juicer, a modified testicle grabber submission, Keith would make any man’s eyes water.

9. Bruce Forsyth

WWE Wrestler 7 Scouting for trout

The one line master is the ultimate wrestling champion, sure I guess in his weak state and old age he would be vulnerable, but by god has he still got it! Bruce Forsyth’s quick wit coupled with his lack of strength makes him the ideal wrestler as him coming ‘straight outta nowhere’ and dropping a smack down is the last thing they would expect. The key to wrestling is never underestimate you opponent. Just ask Rey Mysterio.

10. Harry Styles

WWE Wrestler 8 Scouting for Trout

What do you think he is going to do after One Direction break up? Start a solo career? HA! Not a chance he’s going to become a WWE Wrestler of course. What Harry really wants to do apart from shagging everything in sight is get in the ring with former band member Zayn Malik. Forget battle of the bands this would sellout Wrestlemania and by getting Justin Bieber as the special guest referee it would be a chance to kick his ass as well in a double heel turn as the One Direction get back together with Simon Cowell in tow.